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In today’s world, the use of open APIs and agile cloud-based applications and solutions are commonplace to enhance business activities – from internal operations to customer service.

The challenge for companies is to determine how best to connect the dots – to integrate cloud-based solutions with their own systems in a manner that is complete, accurate, and fully secure. While niche solution providers offer access to new capabilities and tremendous value, they rarely have the expertise to manage complex integration processes. This is where we come in.

Whether you’re a bank looking to integrate a new fintech service or a healthcare provider interested in a new patient-centric solution, we can help set you up for success by working with you to integrate API-enabled applications and cloud-based solutions into your operations while also managing your risks.

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We are experts at developing connections between a company’s core systems through specialized APIs and cloud-based solutions – with a critical focus on ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and security.

Our expertise includes both custom solution engineering – where we work with companies to develop a solution or application and then to integrate it into existing systems of record – and the integration of third-party developed applications and solutions.

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Our Approach to Integration

Our approach to integration is based on ecosystem thinking – the expectation that companies will need to develop connections with a wide range of cloud-based applications and solutions over time. Using this approach, we work with companies to establish the building blocks they need to be agile and embrace innovative solutions – while also managing their governance or data security risks.

Managing APIs

Once solutions are integrated with internal systems, companies will need to put appropriate governance processes in place to monitor and track their use of APIs on an ongoing basis. This can become very complicated. To help with this process, we’ve developed partnerships with leading API management platforms including Mule and Axway. This allows us to help organizations both integrate new solutions and ensure they have the governance processes in place to manage their APIs effectively.

Cloud Native

The shift from on-premise to cloud native solutions often occurs when an enterprise evaluates their technology strategy and the connectedness of their systems and platforms. The predictive organization, driven through new insights and capabilities, is achieved when all policies, processes and platforms are operating as one central operating model for your business. We help companies embrace the cloud, and then look beyond in their quest to modernize and transform.

We have certified staff and extensive experience
across all major platforms and systems of record including:

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