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Quantifying the Impact

Quantifying the Impact

$1.05 trillion dollars

The estimated impact of Generative AI on the US GDP over the next 4 years.1


of the North American workforce will be impacted by large language models (LLMs).2

Save 10-$20K per Team Member

Anticipated savings by automating mundane tasks for customer support agents by reducing turnover, training, and recruiting costs.3

$7 trillion dollars

the amount Generative AI could raise global GDP by over the next 5 years.4

The Enterprise Adoption Curve

Phase 1: Early Adoption of Generic Language AI Tools

Phase 2: Custom Models with Company Data Access

Phase 3: Knowledge Assistants Empowered to Take Action

Enterprise Generative AI Toolsets

This is one of the most exciting aspects of this rapidly evolving space.  Our teams are continuously testing and assessing new toolsets to meet the needs of our clients and their use cases.

Gen AI Tools Overview

Large Language Models

Enterprise Generative AI Insights

What is Generative AI technology?

Unlike traditional AI systems that recognize and classify existing data, Generative AI technology creates models capable of generating new and original content (images, text, audio, video) based on patterns and examples they have learned from by mimicking human creativity with deep learning algorithms, neural networks, and probabilistic modeling.


This technology has applications in image synthesis, text generation, music composition, and video generation, among others, and has the potential to revolutionize industries through enhanced creativity, automation, and personalization.

What are some examples of enterprise Generative AI?

Some examples of enterprise generative AI include automating content generation for marketing, revolutionizing design processes, augmenting datasets with synthetic data, providing personalized customer experiences through chatbots, and assisting in anomaly detection and fraud prevention while improving natural language processing for efficient communication in enterprises.

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