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Actionable Data and Insights Throughout The Loan Lifecycle

Day by day, our experts improve the lending efficiency of financial organizations worldwide. Over the years, Blanc Labs has become a trusted technology partner for banks and non-banking lending institutions.

The Big Opportunity in Lending

In lending, relationships matter.  But so does speed, efficiency, and accuracy.  We believe best-in-class lenders will gain a competitive advantage by supporting their partners with world-class technology.

The Big Opportunity in Lending

Accelerate Lending Decisions

Investing in modern origination and underwriting tools that reduce manual data entry effort and verifies data accuracy is an incredibly powerful first step to speeding up funding cycles.  Using tools like Intelligent Document Processing, and 3rd party data integrations, we can dramatically reduce the amount of effort required to “build a file” that is ready for risk and underwriting review.  We constantly hear from lenders that reducing time to decisioning is a key objective.

Improve Data Governance

Understanding risk is everything in the lending business.  Lenders need industry leading tools to improve data quality, from point of origination, to validation and adopting best practices around data storage and integration.  High quality enterprise data will be increasingly vital to enable the utilization of AI and ML tools in the lending ecosystem.

Make Work Meaningful

There is a global competition for talent and CRE Lenders looking to attract and retain top talent should focus on improving employee experience by reducing the amount of manual work employees have to do. Young Talent is aware of the impact that technology will have on lending and want to make sure that they are building skills that will be valuable in tomorrow’s economy.

Darren Lorimer
Senior Vice President and Group Head, Commercial Banking at EQ Bank

What Blanc Labs has delivered us is something extremely customizable to our process, is very integrated with our other systems and is well-liked by our users. This speaks to the value that Blanc Labs brings.

Ashley Yantzi
Vice President of Residential Lending, EQ Bank

We use the Statement Share tool, created by Blanc Labs using Flinks APIs, at deal origination. There are various use cases for us, but the tool is a crucial part of our verification process that assesses whether what borrowers have stated in their applications is true. Thanks to the API, we are seeing statements and factual data directly from their banks.

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