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Next-gen Core Banking Systems for the Digital Economy

To keep pace with evolving customer expectations, digital models, and Open Banking trends, financial institutions must modernize their core banking systems

By adopting a modern core upgrade, FI’s are able to deliver services that are faster, more intelligent, and more cost-effective through the adoption of robust and scalable cloud infrastructure, microservices, event-driven architecture, and an ecosystem approach to reduce development timelines. 

Blanc Labs offers the expertise, technologies, and capabilities to revitalize core banking systems, prioritizing customer-centricity and unlocking untapped value in bank operations.

Digital Banking Solutions Overview

Core Banking System Strategy Development
Core Banking Systems Integration Services

Modern banking experiences and back office operations are characterized by increased data flow between systems.  Blanc Labs are experts at developing integration architectures and APIs to allow disparate systems to securely pass data. We assist in creating and implementing microservices architecture, enabling scalability, stability, reusability, and agility for your organization.

Omni-Channel Banking Experience Development

While mobile banking has been around for almost 15 years in North America, there is a big opportunity to deliver compelling, intuitive banking experiences across an ever-growing number of channels.  FI’s will increasingly deliver services to customers using voice commands, powered by next-gen AI conversational chatbots, using wearable tech and in the metaverse.

Core Banking Cloud Infrastructure Modernization

The shift from on-premise to cloud native solutions often occurs when an enterprise evaluates their technology strategy and the connectedness of their systems and platforms. We help companies embrace the cloud, and then look beyond in their quest to modernize and transform.

Building the Business Case for a Modern Core Banking Strategy

89% of banks in North America continue to improve operational resilience through core banking development
Core banking modernization
of banks in North America continue to improve operational resilience through core banking development¹
Only 8% of banks
have completed a core banking modernization effort²

The Benefits of Core Banking Modernization

Reduce Tech Debt and Accelerate Your Product Roadmap

The Future of Banking is Integrated

Reduce and Better Manage Risks

Dan Broten
CTO, EQ Bank

The solution we created with Blanc Labs was an early adopter of our cloud-only, digital platform architecture. The platform approach provided capabilities for the team to incrementally build the solution using agile techniques while also providing consistent security and operational resilience.

Darren Lorimer
Senior Vice President and Group Head, Commercial Banking at EQ Bank

What Blanc Labs has delivered us is something extremely customizable to our process, is very integrated with our other systems and is well-liked by our users. This speaks to the value that Blanc Labs brings.

How We Get Involved

Core Banking Strategy Engagement
Core Banking Strategy Engagement

High-touch, high-value engagements to align stakeholders and define strategic priorities

Technology Strategy and Architecture
Technology Strategy and Architecture

Partner with internal technology and financial software development teams to develop a phased implementation approach focused on ROI

Enterprise Agile Delivery
Enterprise Agile Delivery

Leadership, training, and access to top-shelf talent to accelerate the product development cycle and build digital capabilities

Product Development Pods
Product Development Pods

Deploy highly specialized teams to execute against the product roadmap

On-demand Resources
On-demand Resources

Augment in-house teams with specialized expertise


Frequently Asked Questions

What are core banking services?

Core banking services encompass the essential functions required for daily banking transactions and efficient account management. These services ensure smooth operations, including deposit and withdrawal handling, fund transfers, loan management, interest calculations, and account reconciliation.

What are the examples of core banking?

Examples of core banking services include deposit and withdrawal handling, account opening and management, transaction processing, loan and credit management, interest calculation, fund transfers, check clearing, electronic bill payment, ATM services, and account reconciliation. These services form the backbone of a bank’s operations, providing essential financial functionalities to customers.

What are the different types of core banking solutions?

Types of core banking solutions include on-premises solutions, cloud-based solutions, and hybrid solutions that combine both on-premises and cloud elements. Additionally, there are comprehensive core banking systems that cover a wide range of functionalities and modular solutions that offer flexibility for banks to choose specific modules as needed for their operations.

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