Organizations across the sector are under pressure to modernize their operations, develop robust digital service channels, get more value from their data, and improve their patient and provider experiences.

We understand the unique challenges facing the healthcare sector today and have experience working with a wide range of healthcare organizations to turn innovation into value-added results. Whether you’re looking to implement technology solutions that enhance effectiveness or to harness your data so you can drive better patient outcomes, we can help.

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Why choose Blanc Labs?

We understand the critical role you play in maintaining the health and wellbeing of people in their communities and the key challenges you face – like outdated legacy systems, limited budgets, and a lack of resources – and can use this knowledge to help you accelerate your innovation agenda.
We recognize that the success of healthcare organizations lies in the effective use of their data. That’s why we’ve forged a partnership with Smile CDR – a clinical data repository designed specifically around the HL7 FHIR standard, which is used for storing health records. With Smile CDR, we can help you establish interoperability between your health systems and build the next generation of apps for your organization.
Healthcare organizations need to do more with fewer resources. We’re able to help you identify and create solutions that better support your people so they can stop wasting time on low-value activities and focus on what matters the most: providing high quality care and services to your patients.

Driving forces of innovation in health care

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Increasing cost pressures:

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are constantly under pressure to keep costs under control. The need to do more with less will be a major driver of innovation within healthcare organizations and across networks of providers.

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Evolving service channels:

Many healthcare providers are experimenting with or introducing alternative channels of care – such as virtual visits or follow-ups. The efficiency and effectiveness of these service channels is expected to drive the continued evolution of alternative care models.

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Growing focus on wellness:

Technologies like wearables are changing the nature of healthcare, putting more control over care into the hands of patients and allowing for real-time monitoring of conditions. Such technologies are expected to be a big focus of healthcare innovation in the future.

Innovate with Smile CDR

We have expertise working with organizations across the healthcare industry to design and create innovative solutions on the Smile CDR platform. With specialized knowledge of the HL7 FHIR standard, we can help you collect, manage and exchange health records and clinical data securely and effectively. Learn how to leverage the Smile CDR platform to develop robust healthcare ecosystems.

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