Organizations across the health sector are under pressure to modernize their operations, drive better outcomes while maintaining security and privacy, scaling faster, improving patients’ experiences, and enhancing the interoperability of health data.

We understand the unique challenges facing healthcare today and have experience working with a wide range of healthcare organizations to turn innovation into value-added results. Whether you’re looking to implement technology solutions that enhance effectiveness or to harness your data so you can drive better patient outcomes, we can help.

Why choose Blanc Labs?

Healthcare providers, patients, and stakeholders across the ecosystem are focused on stress testing their systems and evaluating ways to effectively deploy care remotely. This has paved the path for telehealth and remote care initiatives and renewed the need for security, compliance, and interoperability of health data across multiple systems.
We recognize that the success of healthcare organizations lies in the effective use of their data. That’s why we’ve developed expertise in healthcare data informatics and HL7 FHIR. BL has also forged a partnership with Smile CDR – a clinical data repository designed specifically around the HL7 FHIR standard, which is used for storing health records. With Smile CDR, we can help you establish interoperability between your health systems and build the next generation of apps for your organization.
Healthcare organizations need to do more with fewer resources. At Blanc Labs we work with forward-thinking healthcare organizations looking to innovate and deliver modern interoperable applications. We’re able to help you design and integrate fast, secure, and compliant solutions to enable and empower interconnectivity that readily meets the current and emerging needs of healthcare, including Interoperability and Patient Access mandate regulations that are highlighted in the Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Our solutions and services are currently utilized by government agencies, telehealth and teledermatology healthcare providers.
Healthcare service providers and technology vendors come to Blanc Labs to stand up hyper-cloud infrastructure or build software applications on their secure healthcare stack. Our product and engineering teams specialize in building solutions that meet HIPA, SOC2 and regulatory requirements protecting data and privacy.

Our track record in health care innovation journey

Ecosystem Partnership: Smile CDR (HL7/FHIR)

Blanc Labs is an official system integrator of Smile CDR innovative clinical data repository technology since 2017. We have been pioneers in adopting the FHIR standards for our clients in their digital transformation projects.

Learn more about Smile CDR and HL7 / FHIR

Case Study: DermSecure Teledermatoloy Platform

Blanc Labs’ multi-disciplinary teams collaborated with MedX Health to transform the SIAScope scanning technology into a teledermatology screening platform allowing dermatologists to make more accurate assessments based on the underlying physiology of the skin.

Learn more about MedX and our partnership

Case Study: iUGO Remote Care Platform

Reliq Health, a global telemedicine leader, leveraged Blanc Labs’ expertise in product engineering and cloud enablement to help transform their innovative Virtual Care platform to a highly modernized interoperable system based on regulatory requirements and FHIR standards.

Learn more about iUGO Remote Care Platform

Innovate with Blanc Labs and Smile CDR

We have expertise working with organizations across the healthcare industry to design and create innovative solutions. With specialized knowledge of Hybrid Cloud, HL7 FHIR standard, and FHIR-based Clinical Data Repository (CDR) products such as Smile CDR, we can help you collect, manage and exchange health records and clinical data securely and effectively. Learn how to leverage Blanc Labs to develop robust healthcare ecosystems.

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