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The global financial services sector is at the centre of a storm of change. Shifting customer behaviors, new technologies, and evolving regulatory requirements are changing the game for banks and other financial institutions and underpinning new products, services, and business models.

We understand the factors driving this change and have extensive experience working with financial institutions, challenger banks and FinTechs to turn domain expertise into unique value-driven solutions. Whether you’re looking to improve your customer experience or need to find ways to connect the dots between existing legacy systems and new fintech solutions, we can help.

Why choose Blanc Labs?

We understand the business environment, the regulatory arena, and critical risk factors and can use this knowledge to help you move more quickly on your innovation agenda in a confident, secure, and efficient manner.
We have a robust track record of working with banks, financial institutions, and FinTechs to help spur innovation. We can use this experience to hit the ground running to help you achieve your objectives.
We bring together experts from across your business to develop innovative solutions for you. We can help you bridge the trust divide between your technology and business teams with our experience to foster higher levels of confidence in each other and more buy-in for joint activities.
We recognize that companies in the financial services need to turn innovation into value right now. When we work with you, our focus is on helping you create solutions that are agile, responsive, and customer centric.

Driving forces of innovation in the financial services

Changing customer behaviours:

Customers want more from their banks and financial institutions – more personalization, more agility, more responsiveness, and more efficient digital products and services.

Increasing competition:

FinTechs are changing the competitive landscape of the financial services in all corners of the world – introducing new products and solutions that address specific pain-points or customer needs across the value chain.

Evolving regulations:

Driven by global forces such as the COVID-19 pandemic, new sets of challenges are presenting themselves that require regulators and businesses alike to adopt measures to preserve financial stability, to rethink how they use data, and the mechanisms they have in place to protect their clients.

Great minds think alike

We collaborate with various types of clients to explore the brilliance in everything they do and provide opportunities to drive innovation.

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