Digital Workforce Solutions for Finance and Accounting

Maximize the potential of your finance and accounting teams

Finance and accounting departments (F&A) play a critical role in a company, but the potential value that they provide is often constrained by legacy systems and highly manual policies and procedures.

By integrating automation and our digital workforce solutions into key F&A processes (e.g., order to cash, procure-to-pay), business leaders can not only eliminate repetitive tasks and minimize the risk of errors – and their related business risks – but also enhance the value of the department’s output and focus more on business strategy and, therefore, more on sustainable growth.

See how you can improve the timeliness, accuracy and integrity of your F&A functions and pro-actively respond to changing compliance mandates. We can help you across a number of use cases, including:

  • Mortgage Lending
  • Procure to pay
  • Overdue payment tracking
  • Report refresh
  • Bank reconciliation
  • End to end journal entries
  • Product revenue accounting
  • Unmatched invoice processing
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Expedite Automation with the Blanc Labs Automation Framework

To help companies across the financial services industry embrace process automation, we’ve developed Vereto. Our Vereto framework and process discovery toolkit helps companies quickly identify the best candidates for process automation. It includes a robust repository of financial services processes already mapped to an automation scheme that can be used as a basis for RPA activities. By using this framework, companies can significantly expedite their RPA development and scale-up activities.

RPA Framework for Financial Services

Vereto is Blanc Labs’ RPA Framework to enable process automation in the Financial Services industry. It offers a comprehensive process discovery toolkit that identifies the best candidates for automation within the industry. With a robust repository of Financial Services processes already mapped to an automation scheme that can be reused, Vereto significantly expedites the enterprise RPA scale up and drives the automation journey.

The Framework

  • review-icon


    Review predefined

  • identification-icon


    Identify processes and subprocesses

  • scoring-icon


    Identify processes and subprocesses

  • prioritization-icon


    Prioritize the first process to

  • selection-icon


    Select top process automation


See how Blanc Labs helped the Lending department of a Canadian Bank leverage automation and achieve 96% error rate reduction and 55% cost savings.

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