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Blanc Labs Welcomes Two New Leaders to Advance AI Innovation and Enhance Tech Advisory Services for Financial Institutions Across North America

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Blanc Labs Welcomes Two New Leaders to Advance AI Innovation and Enhance Tech Advisory Services for Financial Institutions Across North America

May 7, 2024

May 6 (Toronto, ON)— Blanc Labs, a pioneer in Lending Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Intelligent Automation, is thrilled to announce the appointment of two new members to its executive team, Prithvi Srinivasan and Ali Khachan, both distinguished leaders in technology and consulting.

Prithvi Srinivasan, a former Partner at Deloitte Consulting, is joining Blanc Labs as the Managing Director for Advisory Services. Prithvi brings a wealth of expertise in technology strategy, digital transformation, and business operations excellence, and specializes in driving mission-critical transformation programs. Leveraging his extensive experience in aligning technology initiatives with business value, Prithvi is set to propel financial institutions forward using Blanc Labs’ expertise in lending technology, AI, and intelligent automation. His proven track record in driving successful enterprise transformations and optimizing technology estates underscores his commitment to fostering innovation and delivering value to clients. Prithvi excels in transforming complex strategies into actionable successes, ensuring technology not only meets but advances business objectives.

Ali Khachan, a tech startup leader and former Principal at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), joins Blanc Labs as Managing Director of AI. As a strategic operator with over 15 years of leadership at the nexus of technology and business, Ali has demonstrated a keen ability to drive transformational growth through AI and digital innovations. His expertise in scaling up ventures, spearheading digital transformations, and maximizing value creation for global enterprises will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Blanc Labs as it continues to pioneer groundbreaking AI solutions.

“The addition of Prithvi and Ali to our executive team significantly strengthens Blanc Labs’ strategic capabilities and reinforces our position as a leading technology partner for the financial sector,” said Hamid Akbari, CEO of Blanc Labs. “Their exceptional expertise and visionary leadership will accelerate our strategic initiatives across Advisory Services, Data, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Generative AI solutions. I am confident that with Prithvi and Ali on board, Blanc Labs will achieve new heights in delivering exceptional value to our clients and shaping the future of digital transformation in the financial services industry.”

Both Prithvi and Ali will be speaking at the Canadian Lenders Association Bankers Summit in Toronto on May 15th. They will conduct a series of workshops focused on AI in Lending, demonstrating Blanc Labs’ commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and leading the charge in AI solutions for financial services. To register for the workshops, please reach out to Blanc Labs through their website.



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