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An overview of how Business Process Improvement and Intelligent Automation can be used to enhance the payment disbursement process
Steps you can take to analyze your payment process, identify pain points and implement automation
Strategies for how to reduce manual input errors and disbursement cycle time

Trez Case Study



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Success Story: Trez Capital

Trez Capital is a Vancouver-based diversified real estate investment firm that manages assets worth $5.3 billion. Accounting teams at Trez face challenges with the daily influx of numerous payment disbursement requests delivered in varied data formats. This reliance on manual processes and email for document handling and approvals extends disbursement cycle times, affecting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Trez Capital has partnered with Blanc Labs to enhance its payment disbursement workflow through Business Process Improvement (Phase I) and Intelligent Automation (Phase II), promising better operational efficiency and reduced incidents.

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