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Team Member Spotlight – Noel John, VP of Client Engagement and Delivery

October 30, 2023

Blanc Labs’ recently appointed Noel John as VP of Client Engagement and Delivery.  We are thrilled that Noel has joined the team and brings with him a strong background in client engagement leadership.

Noel joins Blanc Labs from a fortune 500 publicly traded global technology and consulting company, where he spent close to 20 years on various leadership roles including leading a specialized QEA practice for Canadian BFSI customers. As a trusted partner for clients, he aids them in achieving their business objectives. His approach is rooted in the belief that true transformation requires active listening and a partnering approach through all phases of the journey.

Noel John
VP Client Engagement & Delivery, Blanc Labs

My focus is on building a One-Team culture in the customer-partner ecosystem, encouraging cross-functional cooperation, building high performance teams, and growth strategies that lead to driving successful outcomes.

5 Questions with Noel John

Get to know our amazing team members.

Q: Noel, you have an extensive background in client engagement and delivery, what do you think are the biggest drivers of success?

I have found that bringing a client centric approach to everything you do has proven to be a tried and trusted driver for success. You need to understand the client’s business, their future plans and the industry trends. You need to be their trusted partner to drive the required change.

 Q: Technology is always evolving, and it seems like we are in a period of rapid acceleration. What technology trends are you watching closely and/or building capability to serve clients?   

Artificial Intelligence has become de-facto topic in a huge number of client conversations. AI is not just a technological advancement but it’s poised to transform the whole business i.e it’s transforming how clients conduct their business.

We are still in the very early stages of this evolution but we now have all the ingredients like data, compute power, storage etc. Human creativity combined with the AI capabilities will unleash enormous opportunities for consumers and businesses.

These are some of the most exciting spaces to be working with clients because enabling this transformative technology will require a highly collaborative approach between business and technology teams, as well as partner support.

Q: What attracted you to Blanc Labs? Why did you decide to join this organization at this point in your career?

While I spent most of my career so far with large fortune 500 company, I was hungry to have new experiences, learn new skills and contribute along the way.

Blanc Labs provided this opportunity to run your portfolio like a start-up. I am looking forward to making a meaningful impact leveraging Blanc Labs’ entrepreneurial and innovative culture.

Q: Noel, thanks for the thoughtful responses.  We are super excited to have you join the team and work with you.  Last question, tell us something about yourself that folks in your professional network might not know about you.

I love to be outdoors during all four seasons, hiking in summer and skiing in winter.   

I also own a motorcycle and love to take weekend trips to cruise the backroads of Ontario.  This time of year is particularly special as you get to see the amazing fall colors on the trees.  Safe motoring and see you on the road! 


You can reach Noel John at or LinkedIn.

Blanc Labs Noel John