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Why Blanc Labs is the Right Partner for You

As innovation enablers, we have a deep focus on what most impacts your success in today’s digital landscape. We deploy teams of experienced Data Scientists, UX Designers, and Technologists to understand industry, business, and customer needs. We work side-by-side with business and technology stakeholders, identifying opportunities and co-creating pragmatic and scalable solutions. 

Digital Experience

User-Centred, Business-Focused
Digital Experiences

Empower your customers and employees with best-in-class digital experiences. We facilitate decision making, planning and execution of modern digital solutions in enterprise. Our team will help you stimulate creative thinking to generate new ways of doing things that leverage the latest technologies and your unique data. We help clients modernize existing apps and optimize internal business experiences.

Application Development and Integration

Connect Your Applications, Data and Devices

Access to data has become a requirement for forward-thinking enterprises looking to innovate. Companies can no longer let dependencies on core legacy systems and difficulty getting access to data dampen innovation. Blanc Labs helps you unlock your data with high-performing microservices architecture and API-led connectivity. We work closely with you to ensure alignment of business processes and the systems that support them. Our expertise in connecting and streamlining your applications, data, and devices will give you the agility you need to deliver business value.

Cloud Enablement

Get Your Business to the Cloud

Are you ready to drive change and migrate the right business processes to the cloud? Or do you need a hand accelerating cloud-native application development? We sit down with you to map out business requirements and customize an approach to best meet your needs. We work across cloud environments and have experience building top-tier cloud-native and hybrid-cloud applications for mobile, web and emerging technologies. Enterprise-grade cloud will give you the infrastructure you need to ensure continuous delivery and scalability, eliminate administrative headaches, all while lowering your infrastructure investment.

Data Intelligence

Make the Most of Your Data

Data is everywhere in organizations, but if it is not easily accessible, executives will be challenged to leverage it for data-driven intelligence. Whether your data is stored in multiple repositories, or held locally by employees on their computers in spreadsheets, we will work with you to help manage, and create an aggregated view of, your data.

We collaborate with you to embed machine learning and predictive analytics into your processes to drive outcomes across customer, risk and operations business imperatives. Our Data Science team takes initiative and is passionate about uncovering business uses cases for your enterprise data.

Agile and Collaborative

An Extension of Your Team

Our engrained agile methodologies allow us to deliver better solutions, faster — all while encouraging maximum collaboration between our team and your stakeholders.

Industry-leading Partners

We partner with solution providers on the cutting edge of technology to bring you unrivalled domain knowledge and implementation expertise.

What Can We Do For You?

Let’s talk about how we can make an impact on your digital journey.