Robotic Process Automation

Transform Your Business with RPA Solutions by Blanc Labs
At Blanc Labs, we provide first-class RPA solutions tailored to Financial Services industry through a holistic approach. As a global leader in RPA implementation and delivery, we operate a fully staffed RPA Development Center in North and South America.

Through our strategic partnership with UiPath, we combine RPA capabilities with our domain expertise in financial services, artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower your organization’s RPA journey from pilot to scale up.

Accelerate and Grow RPA in Your Organization

Our solution eliminates highly manual, repetitive, rule-based tasks to maximize your employees’ efforts on value-added tasks. We assist you in developing a full RPA business case for your organization 

Increase Cost Savings

Higher ROI and savings based on faster, more accurate and less human-demanding workflows

Decrease Processing Time

Significant reduction in processing time as robots work 24/7 and are faster than humans

Reduce Error Rate

Decrease in human error rates and increased output quality with automated processes

Enhance Client Satisfaction

As processing becomes more efficient and responsive, client satisfaction increases

On average, our RPA clients have achieved a 55% increase in cost savings, a 73% decrease in processing times, and a 96% error rate reduction.

Experience Unmatched RPA Implementation

Get leading RPA service delivery and implementation with Blanc Labs’s unique advantages

Strategic UiPath Partnership

We deliver RPA solutions through UiPath’s powerful platform combined with our process automation domain knowledge.

Financial Services Expertise

We specialize in financial services and have a strong domain knowledge in banking, lending, capital markets, insurance and asset management.

Agile Delivery

Get accelerated time to market and quick turnaround of project cycles, from kickoff to launch, with collaborative support to ensure your vision is fulfilled.

RPA Team of Experts

Our strong talent base of UiPath certified professionals deliver complete, end-to-end RPA solutions.


Simplify Your RPA Journey

Blanc Labs will guide your organization on RPA journey from start to end. Our RPA implementation path is composed of two stages. In the initial stage, we focus on building and establishing the groundwork for automating one of your business processes through discovery, analysis, and pilot. In the expansion stage, our journey continues by operationalizing RPA into your organization operations and then scale up the RPA implementation across your enterprise.

RPA Implementation 

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