Next-Gen Digital Lending Platform

Deliver the frictionless experiences borrowers expect, backed by the modern technology lenders need.


into a “future-ready” lending business

Prunto offers the components to quickly construct the unique digital services your lending practice needs


by accelerating your decisioning workflow

With Prunto, close deals faster; get auto-adjudication and straight through underwriting workflow management. 

Stand Out

with a unique user experience

Prunto enables lending offering differentiation through omni-channel digital origination flow customization.


with fintech ecosystem players

With Prunto, become open banking ready and connect to fintech services for compliance, risk, and more.

The Prunto Portfolio

Prunto is a full suite of software products to digitize retail and commercial lending. Prunto acts as the book of record for all loan origination and underwriting operationsPrunto is designed in three layers of User Interface, Application Interfacing, and Microservices. Prunto can be used through APIs or combining all layers for a full-service implementation.  

Product Modules

Origination and Underwriting

Fully configurable and customizable lending and decisioning workflow management software that integrates with your book of record system.

Customer Portal

Provide a contemporary digital experience for customers to access their account information, statements and communicate with servicing agents.

Intelligent Document Capture

Kapti is a smart drop box for document capture and processing. Intelligently classify, extract, analyze, and deliver critical data from documents for decisioning.

Staff Dashboard

Easily manage customer accounts, message customers, manage loan documents, generate statements and more.



“Loan” in Esperanto



Decision” in Esperanto



Capture” in Esperanto



Customer” in Esperanto



Dashboard” in Esperanto


Adaptable and Flexible

Modular architecture enables easy customization. Use the back-end APIs only or combine with the Prunto user interface products. 

Cloud Ready Architecture

Highly performant, secure, and scalable microservices architecture. Ready to operate on-premise, cloud or hybrid.

Machine Learning and AI Technologies

Machine learning and AI algorithms are used to streamline the lending process.

Integration and APIs

Integrates seamlessly into your lending institution’s systems as well as the broader fintech ecosystem.

Data & Analytics

Ability to provide data to any business intelligence software for enhanced reporting and analytics.

Security and Compliance

Built to meet the compliance and security standards of leading financial institutions.

Document Storage

Integrates with SharePoint, Box or Dropbox for document storage and collaboration.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Ability to integrate with RPA software to automate data entry and processing of paperwork.

Authentication and Authorization

Supports standard authentication, authorization & user management based on OAuth 2.0 and LDAP integrations.

Blanc Labs is collaborative and a joy to work with. There’s a synergy between our teams that allowed them to capture and bring to life our vision of a clean and simple yet sleek and sophisticated solution that keeps the user experience at the forefront.

Aviva Braude
VP of Mortgage Services, Equitable Bank

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