Sahand Sojoodi

VP, Service Delivery

Sahand Sojoodi is an experienced technologist with over a decade of experience leading teams in product management and engineering. At Blanc Labs, Sahand delivers complex and creative programs at scale for our clients. Sahand brings extensive experience within the financial services, telecommunications, consumer technology, and semiconductors industries.

Sahand previously co-founded and ran startup studio Extreme Innovations, where he created high potential technology concepts for Extreme Venture Partners. In 2008, Sahand helped start award-winning mobile app development company Xtreme Labs, which served the likes of Groupon, Globe and Mail, NBA, etc. and in 2013, was sold to Pivotal, the platform-as-a-service heavyweight backed by EMC, VMware, and GE.

Sahand holds an MBA from INSEAD, as well as an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo.