Corporate Innovation – Blanc Labs hosts NewCo Toronto

Blanc Labs had the pleasure of hosting a packed house of NewCo Toronto festival attendees at our office on Thursday, September 14th. As part of NewCo Toronto, over 40 Canadian tech companies opened their doors throughout Toronto to share their stories and work environments with festival attendees. Our session sought to share how corporations can use the Lean Startup methodology to foster innovation.

Lean corporate innovation remains a difficult area to navigate. Knowledge of the Lean framework is a good start, but does not guarantee success. Intrapreneurs must learn to recognize hazards that can sabotage their innovation journey. This includes large governance structures in an enterprise that can slow down – or even kill – innovation.

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Dariush Zomorrodi, shared his experiences empowering clients to innovate. In this session, Dariush highlighted the benefits lean innovation can bring to corporations (“the Lean”), how to cut through the layers of bureaucracy (“the Fat”), and what to do when things go wrong (“the Ugly”).