Webinar: Replatforming Enterprise Applications

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Replatforming Enterprise Applications:
An Executive Summary

Watch Blanc Labs’ inaugural webinar “Replatforming Enterprise Applications: An Executive Summary,” presented by Chief Innovation Officer, Dariush Zomorrodi.

For businesses that struggle with slow, monolithic software, the high operational costs of legacy applications, and meeting the pressure to create new features and modern digital journeys, this webinar will help you build a framework to replicate this success model within your own organization.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What replatforming is and why it matters
  • When to consider replatforming
  • Who to involve, and how to structure your team
  • How to make an execution plan for a replatforming initiative

Watch the webinar video recording below.

About the Presenter

Dariush Zomorrodi: Dariush is the Chief Innovation Officer at Blanc Labs. He collaborates with business and technology leaders to imagine and build the next generation of digital solutions for enterprise organizations and scaleup companies. Dariush uses his creative and entrepreneurial approach to innovate solutions that leverage emerging technologies in support of new business models, which makes clients more competitive in the fast pace digital world. Dariush has expertise in several industries including financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, local search, digital advertising, and social media.