Digital Lending Solutions

Achieve Agility and Operational Efficiency
with Digital Era Lending

Lending products such as Mortgages and HELOCs are among retail banks’ and credit unions’ most in-demand products, but these institutions have often been challenged to focus at the necessary pace to stay competitive. Scarce technical resources and competing priorities have left these financial institutions struggling to keep pace with the required technology and innovation to offer the best customer experience. Manual processes and outdated technology have resulted in friction in the customer journey including inconvenient access channels, frustrating application processes and lengthy lead time to approval. Ignoring these pain points is no longer an option. Financial institutions need to invest in an enhanced digital experience or risk eroding business to digital-first FinTech players. Blanc Labs helps clients stay at the forefront of innovation through a core focus on emerging technologies, workflow re-engineering and technical integration within complex environments.

Leverage Digital Solutions

Digital Origination

Acquisition and on-boarding speed is an essential part of your customer’s experience. Capture new business quickly with personalized digital capabilities that streamline the paper-less application process. Key technology-enabled capabilities include mobile image capture and direct data aggregation.

digital portals

Self-Service Channels

Self-service lending through digital channels puts the customer at the center of your lending process. Intuitive web portals and mobile apps with built-in servicing capabilities make it convenient to interact with customers across devices.

Business Process Automation

Centralize manual and time-consuming tasks into a single streamlined digital solution. Enable workflow-based automated decision-making, and credit scoring powered with insightful analytics. New workflows are highly adaptive, allowing quick responses to new regulations.


Unlock Data with Lending APIs

We unlock legacy capabilities and assets and make them available through modern APIs. Use this data for value-added services: better connect with your customers, organize and learn from your data and better present it internally and to your customers.

Reimagining How Customers Interact with a Branchless Bank

Blanc Labs strategized & developed banking-grade web applications to create a new digital journey for Equitable Bank customers. The solution empowers bank employees with an efficient customer-focused back-office digital workflow.

Embrace the Benefits of Digital Lending

Seamless User Experience

  • Removes friction
  • Allows for customer self-service

Mitigates Risk

  • Audit compliance
  • Assured information integrity

Reduces Costs

  • Automates & simplifies operations
  • Fewer labor-intensive processes
  • Increases productivity

Increases Speed to Market

  • Faster market entry with easily configurable products and processes
  • Reach digitally enabled customers
  • Blanc Labs is collaborative and a joy to work with. There’s a synergy between our teams that allowed them to capture and bring to life our vision of a clean and simple yet sleek and sophisticated solution that keeps the user experience at the forefront.

    Aviva Braude
    VP of Mortgage Services, Equitable Bank

Our Approach

Our full-stack technology team has the experience and expertise to help financial institutions streamline the loan process. We work with clients to create the exceptional digital experience that today’s consumers expect and demand.

Strategy & Co-Creation

We collaborate with your business and technology stakeholders to identify their challenges and co-create a digital solution to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Launch Quickly

Launch faster thanks to our agile and collaborative methodologies. As a fast company, we rapidly innovate while adapting to changing client needs.

Custom Software Solutions

Our full-stack technology team has expertise in building and implementing custom lending software that is configurable and flexible for your IT needs.

Modern Interfaces

We deploy our user experience design team to maximise the impact on workflow and productivity through richer user experiences.

What Can We Do For You?

Let’s talk about how we can make an impact on your digital journey.