Meet Douglas Palacios, Agile Software Architect, who is instrumental in the growth and success of our fast-growing team. Learn about why he decided to join Blanc Labs, and what it’s like working at a global organization in “Empowering Our People: An Interview with Douglas Palacios.”
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replatforming enterprise applications
For businesses that struggle with slow, monolithic software, the high operational costs of legacy applications, and meeting the pressure to create new features and modern digital journeys, this webinar will help you build a framework to replicate this success model within your own organization.
Trends and technologies are emerging in banking & lending that will separate the top performers from the rest.
A great digital experience is what your customers want—from seamless onboarding, to intuitive interfaces, to effortless self-service and support. No one wants to hunt for information or get pushed offline into a complex and convoluted process. While many organizations are digitizing at rapid speed, others are falling behind. According to Forbes, 84% of companies fail...
Tales of riches related to Bitcoin speculation have taken the media by storm last year, simultaneously helping blockchain discussions move from virtual water coolers to boardrooms. Yet our conversations with business decision-makers show that most executives today are unfamiliar with blockchain technologies, their key benefits, risks and potential applications. This is reflected in the data:...