The Three Rs of Automation Discovery

By Saurabh Bhatia

Before you begin the process of automation at your company, you need to check for the Three Rs of Automation Discovery which will ensure the long-term success of automation implementation. In this article, we will look at:

Automation Discovery’s 1st R: Reimagine the vision

Automation Discovery’s 2nd R: Return on investment calculation

Automation Discovery’s 3rd R: Reusing Automation

Why are The Three Rs of Automation Discovery so important?

automation discovery

So you’ve decided that you want in on the automation game. Great! Now you’re in the all-encompassing process of discovery and implementation. This is where you, the organization that is looking to adopt automation, needs to articulate your business needs, asses how automation will impact your operations, and then determine a successful implementation roadmap with your tech partner. Here are three components, “The Three Rs”, that should guide your approach towards a successful discovery and automation implementation.

Automation Discovery’s 1st R: Reimagine the Vision

Begin by reinventing the way you look at your operations and its processes. It goes without saying that you should start with standard process automation first to demonstrate its value. But during the discovery phase, explore all tools that will compound the value of automation for your organization. For example, if you are looking to automate the mortgage lending process, take a step back and examine the added benefit your organization will get from adding power BI dashboards or analytics systems that provide more actionable insights or discovery tools which identify which other processes and tasks could be automated.

Keep in mind a vision of an organization fueled by hyperautomation as you explore various options in addition to standard process automation namely, intelligent document processing, business intelligence reporting, process mining, chatbots, etc. There is a full stack of options you can explore to heighten the benefits of technology and establish that future state of hyperautomation.

Automation Discovery’s 2nd R: Return on Investment Calculation

Understandably the most common driver in decision making is about the returns you will see with the option of automation (or any other technology solution). Determine how you will calculate ROI prior to beginning work on the solution. We recommend creating a business case with a very clear prioritization matrix and roadmap of automation and its benefits. This will determine the focus both long term and short term.

Pro Tips:

  • Determine which licenses and automation tools are most useful and cost effective for the overall solution
  • Adopt licenses and tools and build your infrastructure to support the scalability of automation (and sunset those that are no longer in use)
  • Don’t forget, to consider monetary metrics which deeply impact the business in your calculations

Automation Discovery’s 3rd R: Reusing Automation

Some organizations feel like they’re starting from scratch every time they introduce a bot to their processes. In reality, you reutilize some parts of your previous assets (from one bot to another) to make automation faster. For example, if you have multiple processes, teams and departments using the same application or program, we encourage you to create reusable assets with the first bot so when you introduce a second bot, you are reutilizing the same assets with the same application or program. This fuels enterprise scale adoption as a team or functional area and can demonstrate the value of automation to other departments, which will encourage further adoption of the technology.

Pro Tips:

  • Divide your projects into components and create reusable libraries, which makes it easier to reuse automation for further processes
  • When designing the bots, focus on smaller components within them but always keep in mind how this will affect future projects in a positive way

Why are The Three Rs of Automation Discovery so important?

  1. By reimaging your vision, you create a collective, growth oriented and collaborative mindset within the organization as it pertains to digital transformation
  2. The right ROI calculations help you determine which processes will garner better returns both short term and long term
  3. Reusing automations also makes your implementation scalable with faster adoption across teams and departments

Automation is transforming the way we run businesses, transact, and engage in the world. The key to achieving our vision and maximizing the possibilities of technology in our organizations is rooted in having the right approach. And the three Rs in automation is great place to start.

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People, Processes & Business Practices

By Samira Akbari

I’m a jack (or jill really) of all trades, an enabler of teams, the governance that limits risk exposure, the financial counsellor who ensures that goals are met, and the process and systems authority who enables agility and efficiency. It takes very specific skills to build to who I am today, and I am grateful for the journey and the lessons learned. I am Samira Akbari, Senior Director of Operations and Corporate Services at Blanc Labs, and this is my story.

Samira Akbari

The beginning

I was born and grew up in the city of Mashhad, in Iran and was fortunate with an enriching childhood and education. Mathematics was always a favourite subject for me. To me, it has always felt like a universal language that has very little complexity in it. Anyone can speak math!

My education path led me to my first move to Tehran to complete an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and then immigrate to Canada in 2010 to pursue a master’s degree with the same major at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. Canada was a new start, a rebirth in my mid-twenties. Though the place was new, with a language that wasn’t my own and culture that was different, it excited me.

Building on the career path

When I graduated, it took me some time to explore opportunities and find a career path that I cared for and that matched my core competencies. I always liked and enjoyed mathematics, however, I noticed, as universal a language as it is, it is not easily transmissible to the job market.

I started my career search with roles such as ‘Financial Analyst’ or ‘Risk Modeler’. However, my search was not successful. Unsurprising ‘Operations’ wasn’t even on my initial list! A very good friend who knows me and my skills very well introduced me to that career path. As the author, Simon Sinek says “If you want to find your ‘WHY’, ask your friends what it is they think you should do.” I listened to my friend and got my first job in operations.

For three years, I worked at a London-based retail company as an operations analyst and manager. It was my first job opportunity in Canada, and I worked hard at trying to prove myself. It was only after I joined that I understood why my friend suggested I take this career path. Operations was all about people, processes, and structure. I like working with people, am very process oriented with a structured mind! It was a great fit for me. I will always remember those years where I had the opportunity to bond with an amazing team and be mentored by the company’s general manager.

The general manager was a woman, and she was mindful in how she developed the culture of the company. She made it a point to have one on one bonds with every single employee (and there were more than a 100 people at the company). She created an environment that felt very collaborative and family oriented. It was so inspiring to see a women lead in such a mature and powerful way.

Looking back, a big lesson that I learned from her was that to succeed at operations, you need to be fierce and kind at the same time. These two words are not antonyms but people sometimes feel that you can only be one or the other.

In 2015, Blanc Labs’ CEO, reached out to me about an opportunity at Blanc Labs associated with operations management. I was apprehensive at first: I had never worked in tech before and Blanc Labs was a young company. But I was inspired by the mission of the company and the opportunity to work in a fast-growing business. 7 years later, I am thoroughly enjoying the dynamism and entrepreneurial nature of the corporate culture and the tech sector.

What does it take to lead operations?

I think the most rewarding aspect of being part of operations, is to see the entire cycle of the business end to end and work cross functionally with all the departments. Not every role gives you that opportunity. When I think about operations in a dynamic environment such as the one at Blanc Labs, I attribute the following things to my success:

  • Be a problem solver. Operations are the wheels of the company, and a business cannot be paused by unsolved problems!
  • The ability to adopt and learn the important factors of any new topic in a short amount of time is an invaluable skill. In this role, you will get exposed to a lot of areas from finance to HR, to Legal and even Tech – some of which may be foreign to you. You will not have the luxury of time to be an expert in everyone or even one of those functional areas. Be adaptable and learn how to navigate your way through all of it without being an expert in any of them.
  • Be a good listener and able to see beyond the words and ask the right questions to find the root cause of the issues. This is where the opportunity of improvement lies.
  • Be prepared to say no and risk being unpopular. As a business operations leader, you will deal with change management everyday. The fact of the matter is that not every decision is made by consensus and there may not even be enough time to get buy in. There will always be team members who don’t approve of your decisions or are unhappy with the change. You need to be decisive and willing to own it.
  • Be adaptive, open to feedback and always open to improvement. Operations is all about efficiency and improvement. It is like changing an old wooden wheel to a new automated one.
  • Connect the dots. As an operations executive, you need to know exactly how every function in the company builds synergies with each other and help enable them.
  • To be successful at this role or any other role I believe you need to have a sense of ownership. I usually say if it is there and no one is doing it, then it belongs the business operations to push it through.
Samira Akbari Blanc Labs

Women in Leadership

Being a woman and an immigrant, you may have more self-doubt, as I did. But if you want something, just go for it! My exploration of my identity hasn’t always been smooth. Have I been told that I am too direct and come across too strong and that I need to soften up in the past? Sadly, yes. I remember trying to change myself when I was younger to be the “softer” woman that resonated with people. Today, I see my directness as a strength that helps me be successful at what I do and it helps me add the most value to my team. I have also learned that if your intentions are good and you don’t make things personal, people see through to the heart of what you are working towards. I’m unafraid to take the bull by its horns, address the gap, learn everything I can about the challenge and help the team conquer the goal.

I think about my journey, the people who have added color, wisdom, growth, compassion and so much more to it, and I am grateful for the person I am today. I am thankful of being able to embrace my true self. To quote a woman I truly admire, Brené Brown, “Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” This is where I am, and this is how I choose to grow.

Learn more about our company values or explore Sary Tolosa’s story of growth at Blanc Labs to learn more about how people are central to what we do every day.


Blanc Labs launches Digital Academy in Colombia    

Digital Academy logo

Toronto, ON – April 19, 2022. Blanc Labs Inc. launches Digital Academy, a unique program designed to empower university students with learning of emerging technologies while still in their education journey. Students enrolled in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics university degree programs, will have the opportunity to join Bootcamp-style hands-on learning that prepares them for a forward-looking career in a global innovative technology landscape.   

With operations in Canada, US, Colombia, and Argentina, Blanc Labs plans to open the door to new entrepreneurial minds and build communities of practice in emerging technologies, FinTech and HealthTech. Blanc Labs has chosen Bogota, Colombia to launch its first training and development community and plans to expand the Digital Academy initiative into other countries in the LATAM region.     

 ” We are excited about the launch of Digital Academy. Our Digital Academy team works closely with our Innovation Studios to ensure associates in the academy program will get world-class training and hands-on experience in the latest emerging tech. Bogota is a globally recognized hub for exceptional technical talent and expertise. We are committed to investing in the growth of our future talent in South America.”  said Hamid Akbari, CEO & President of Blanc Labs.       

In alignment with Blanc Lab’s vision of accelerating digital innovation and creating a global force of innovative change, the Digital Academy program offers a distinctive approach to developing talents and creating a gateway to the global digital economy.     

“Learning a variety of emerging technologies, combined with exposure to the real-life industry challenges, will enable Digital Academy Associates to thrive in their hands-on learning journey and professional career development. In alignment with Innovation Studios objectives, Digital Academy will revolutionize early-stage talent development at Blanc Labs and will strengthen our talent base globally” said Peyman Parsi, Chief Technology Officer at Blanc Labs.      

After completion of the program, Associates will receive the Digital Academy certification and a select group of the graduates will have an opportunity to join the Blanc Labs international team.   

Digital Academy showcases Blanc Labs’ commitment to social responsibility, education, and empowerment in Latin America. The program inspires students to develop their skillsets, advance in their careers, and prepare for the dynamic and constantly evolving technology landscape.    

The application process for the 2022 cohort is available now. Accelerate your learning and career development with Blanc Labs’ Digital Academy and visit our website to apply:  

About Blanc Labs     

Blanc Labs is a preferred partner for enterprises looking to digitize and build the next generation of technology products and services. To help companies rapidly deliver on their digital initiatives, Blanc Labs has developed expertise and bespoke solutions in a wide variety of applications in the financial services, healthcare, enterprise productivity and customer experience. Headquartered in Toronto, Blanc Labs serves the Americas through operations in Toronto, New York, Bogota and Buenos Aires. For more information on how Blanc Labs is building a better future, visit     


Blanc Labs lanza Digital Academy en Colombia     

Toronto, ON – Abril 19, 2022. Blanc Labs Inc. lanza Digital Academy, un programa único diseñado para estudiantes universitarios donde podrán fortalecer el aprendizaje de tecnologías emergentes a medida que avanzan en su carrera profesional. Los estudiantes inscritos en programas universitarios relacionados con ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería y matemáticas tendrán la oportunidad de unirse a entrenamientos y talleres prácticos que los prepararán para una carrera exitosa en el actual panorama de innovación y tecnología a nivel global. 

Con operaciones en Canadá, Estados Unidos, Colombia y Argentina, Blanc Labs planea abrir la puerta a nuevos emprendedores y construir comunidades de práctica en tecnologías emergentes, FinTech y HealthTech. Blanc Labs eligió a Bogotá, Colombia, para lanzar su primera comunidad de capacitación y desarrollo y planea expandir la iniciativa de Digital Academy a otros países de América Latina y el Caribe.  

 “Estamos entusiasmados con el lanzamiento de Digital Academy. Nuestro equipo trabaja de la mano con los Innovation Studios de Blanc Labs para garantizar que los estudiantes reciban una formación de primer nivel, así como experiencia práctica en tecnologías emergentes. Bogotá es mundialmente reconocido como un centro de experiencia y talento técnico excepcional. Estamos comprometidos con el crecimiento de los futuros talentos en América del Sur”. dijo Hamid Akbari, CEO y presidente de Blanc Labs. 

Como parte de la visión de Blanc Labs de acelerar la innovación digital y crear una fuerza global de cambio innovador, el programa Digital Academy ofrece un enfoque único para desarrollar talentos y crear una puerta de entrada a la economía digital global. 

“El aprendizaje de una variedad de tecnologías emergentes, combinado con la exposición a los desafíos actuales en la industria, permitirá a los Associates de Digital Academy avanzar en una travesía de aprendizaje que fortalece el desarrollo de su carrera profesional. Siguiendo los objetivos de nuestros Innovation Studios, Digital Academy revolucionará el desarrollo de talento en Blanc Labs y fortalecerá nuestra comunidad a nivel mundial”, dijo Peyman Parsi, director de tecnología de Blanc Labs. 

Después de completar el programa, los estudiantes recibirán certificaciones de Digital Academy y un grupo selecto de participantes tendrá la oportunidad de unirse al equipo internacional de Blanc Labs. 

Digital Academy representa el compromiso de Blanc Labs con la responsabilidad social, la educación y el empoderamiento en América Latina. El programa inspira a los estudiantes a desarrollar sus habilidades, avanzar en sus carreras y prepararse para el panorama dinámico y en constante evolución en la industria de la tecnología.  

La convocatoria para el 2022 ya está disponible. ¡Fortalece tu conocimiento y desarrollo profesional en tecnología con Blanc Labs y Digital Academy! Para más información visita la página web:  

Acerca de Blanc Labs 

Blanc Labs es un aliado de negocios para las empresas que buscan digitalizarse y construir la próxima generación de productos y servicios tecnológicos. Para ayudar a las empresas a cumplir rápidamente con sus iniciativas digitales, Blanc Labs ofrece su experiencia y un amplio portafolio de soluciones y aplicaciones en servicios financieros, atención médica, productividad empresarial y experiencia del cliente. Con sede en Toronto, Canadá, Blanc Labs ofrece hoy sus servicios para el continente americano desde sus oficinas en Toronto, Nueva York, Bogotá y Buenos Aires. Para obtener más información sobre cómo Blanc Labs está construyendo un mejor futuro, visite  

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