Equitable Bank Launches myEquitable Customer Portal in Collaboration with Blanc Labs

In order to continue elevating its customer experience, Equitable Bank reimagined how its mortgage borrowers would interact with the bank and launched the myEquitable customer portal.

The portal offers a modern digital toolset for the bank’s customers to access information about their current Equitable product, initiate certain change requests, generate various information statements, as well as allow for secure messaging with their Mortgage Services Team.

“We have seen a significant adoption by our customers immediately after launching the portal. It’s a very exciting step for us and will drive more value for our customers,” said Aviva Braude, Vice President of Mortgage Services at Equitable Bank.

Blanc Labs was the digital innovation partner selected for this project. Blanc Labs’ design and engineering teams collaborated with the bank’s business and technology teams from the ideation stage to product launch. Using design thinking methodology, Blanc Labs’ user experience and product team imagined the customer journey and delivered the mobile first product design. Blanc Labs’ agile engineering teams developed the banking grade customer and employee portals.

“We had a great collaboration working with the Equitable Bank team and became a part of their agile delivery squad. It is such a great feeling to see this product coming to life and customers immediately embracing it. This shows the tools and processes were well designed with the user in mind.” said Dariush Zomorrodi, Chief Innovation Officer at Blanc Labs. “This is a fantastic digital transformation story in the modern banking world. We are looking forward to contributing more to this success in partnership with Equitable Bank”.

About Equitable Bank

Equitable Bank, Canada’s Challenger Bank™, is the country’s ninth largest independent Schedule I bank and offers a diverse suite of residential lending, commercial lending and savings solutions to Canadians. Through its proven branchless approach and customer service focus, Equitable Bank has grown to over $24 billion of Assets Under Management. EQ Bank, the digital banking arm of Equitable Bank, provides state-of-the-art digital banking services to more than 43,000 Canadians. Equitable Bank employs nearly 600 dedicated professionals across the country, and is a 2018 recipient of Canada’s Best Employer Platinum Award, the highest bestowed by AON. For more information about Equitable Bank and its products, please visit

About Blanc Labs

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