what we do best

Mobile Development

We have a large senior development team focused on native iOS and Android development. We excel at building marketplace and location aware apps with functionalities that include social connections, in-app messaging and communication, payment, peer reviews, and user rewards.

Web Development

We build user friendly, robust, and highly scalable web apps. Our track record includes customer facing apps as well as management dashboards with custom reporting. Whether your project is a stand-alone end-to-end product or is integrated into a bigger architecture, we have the expertise to deliver.

UI/UX Design

We live and breathe user experience. Having launched several successful apps, we deeply understand how humans interact with technology. In addition to our experienced internal graphic design and UI/UX team, we partner with world-class design studios to offer our clients an exceptional service.

how we work

Agile Development

We are an agile development shop through and through. Our agile approach guarantees close and daily collaboration between internal and client teams, accurate prioritization of client needs, early and continuous delivery of high quality work, and a development attitude that welcomes change at any stage.

Scrum Methodology

We use a scrum framework to implement agile principles. Our scrum approach involves client-centric design of sprints, rigorous management of backlog and velocity, and daily scrums to ensure effective team work.

Depending on the type of work at hand, we employ additional techniques, in partnership with our clients, to improve quality and timeliness of our products. These techniques include:

Test-Driven Development

We believe in the rule of “keeping it simple”. Simplicity, achieved through TDD, reduces bugs, increases productivity, and enables rapid code changes. In a nutshell, TDD involves building an automated test to define a new function or improvement, writing the minimum amount of code to pass that test, and finally refactoring to ensure clean code.

Pair Programming

We hate bugs… doesn’t everyone? Pair programming, i.e., two programmers working as a pair on one workstation, is a proven agile technique with significant impact on reducing bugs, improving design quality, and enhancing team development.

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